What is Marketing?

Image source: https://morguefile.com

Image source: https://morguefile.com

Let us begin this journey by defining marketing.

Marketing is a management process where services and goods are translated from being concepts drawn on the board, to actual strategies that convince customers to purchase products. It includes the following elements:

  • Product selection, identification, and development.
  • Pricing and costing of the product.
  • Choosing a channel or platform to make the product reach its target market.
  • Conceptualization and implementation of promotional and marketing strategies.

One example for this is how Apple develops their products. They add improvements in the application, system, and features each time, all of which have different prices to cater to different classes. While it"s technically considered as a luxury, people perceive these gadgets as something they need to make their lives easier.

In a nutshell, it"s all about being creative with words and images to appeal to the people and make them want to purchase your product.

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