Marketing Strategies

Marketing is not a piece of cake. There is so much work needed for a marketing campaign to be successful, that"s why people in the field of marketing are also paid with huge amounts because it"s a skill that not everyone has. Good marketing is important for any business to grow and this involves increasing not just your client base but also your sales.


It"s a known fact that marketing strategies vary per country because there are cultural elements that come into play. In a more general sense however, marketing strategies can be categorized into four basic groups:


Cause Marketing

When we say cause marketing, we meaning marketing that"s linked to a certain issue or cause. This is often used by businesses that are partnered with organizations that have advocacies.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is more focused on building a relationship with the customer so they will keep coming back to buy more products. In this strategy, customer satisfaction is crucial.

Scarcity Marketing

The illusion that there"s a shortage of products is one way of gently pushing customers to buy the product as soon as possible. This is because of the feat that they won"t be able to buy the product once stocks run out.

Undercover Marketing

This is similar to the Jedi mind trick. The customer does not know what came over them, all they know is that they purchased the product after being exposed to this marketing strategy.

Relationship marketing and cause marketing are known in the field as positive types of marketing strategies because they put more premium on the benefits that people will receive from the product. Undercover and scarcity marketing however, are controversial because they are unconventional.

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